One can read the novel on many different levels. I encourage you to enter into reading it with prayer and wisdom as an allegory for our times.  

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At the base level – It is a story about good versus evil, the hero versus the dragon, a princess in trouble, little infants to be sacrificed and a hero that comes to the rescue. Anyone who reads the classical rendering of the legendary story of St. George and the Dragon can recognize this reading.

Secondarily – it is an allegory about Western culture today. This is an allegory about our times depicting the culture of life represented by George and his companions versus the culture of death represents by the dragon, the cowardly king and other nefarious figures. Terrasindei, “a land without gods” the fictional kingdom I depict in the novel represents our secular age. It is thus a pro-life novel.

Thirdly – it is an allegory about the spiritual life. It is an allegory about a soul, George seeking his vocation, who struggles to grow in virtue and pursue holiness. The story depicts him as passing through the different nights of the spirit, along the stages of the mystical life, purgative, illuminative and unitive. He enters into this battle as he seeks holiness and takes hold of his personal vocation.

Lastly – it is an allegory about the triumph of Jesus Christ. I use many references to sacramental images that especially draw upon liturgical motifs to bring this out. As the story progresses George encounters an angel, the Virgin Mary and Jesus, who draw him into the liturgical life of the Church. I depict pivotal moments as taking place during encounters with the Eucharistic Lord in the liturgy. I connect the struggles of George to events in the life of Christ that are recalled during the liturgical year. If one closely reads it, one can recognize that George triumphs in and through and with Christ.

Order from IVE press or buy an ebook version on Amazon, and soon on Apple Itunes, Barnes&Nobles

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